Orthopedic, Visceral, and Neurologic Exam

After Diagnostics, a thorough history of the chief complaint or complaints will be performed.  After integrating the pre care paperwork, diagnostics, and history, and thorough physical examination will be performed.  The problem area will receive much of the attention, but related systems will be addressed, as we focus on how systems and pathways interact with each other, and symptoms may refer from a different area than expected.  As mentioned during the diagnostics section, the level of service will determine the focus of the exam, but all organ systems will be covered in each type of exam.  The Chiropractic exam is 30 minutes, whereas the Neurologic and Metabolic exams run one hour.   The physician will review all findings, explain the diagnosis, and explain how we may help treat the condition and/or symptoms.  A care plan will be developed behind the scenes, and some other testing, for example blood work, may be recommended.


The first visit starts with entrance diagnostics.  Depending on what service the patient requires different diagnostics will be performed.  All patient will receive baseline orthostatic vitals on both sides of the body, as we need to check brain function bilaterally.  Functional Neurology and Metabolic patients will receive advanced diagnostics as the physician feels the need to order.  Some advanced diagnostics our office offers are ImPACT cognitive testing, Video Nystagmography (VNG), Posturography and balance testing (CAPS and NeuroCom), and Neurosensory Integrator (NSI).  These tests will aid the attending physician in a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.

Before your visit

Individualized Treatment

A personalized care plan will be developed for the new patient depending on the level of care needed.  Chiropractic visits are about 10 minutes for analysis and a gentle chiropractic manipulation, but may be longer if any other modalities are indicated.  Functional Neurology treatments are 45 minutes per session, and are traditionally performed three times per day of treatment if the schedule permits.  If blood work for functional medicine patients is ordered, the patient will have a review with the ordering physician to obtain the results, a thorough explanation of how it relates to current symptoms, and further plans of action, which can include nutrition, supplement, and/or medicinal recommendations.

First Visit


As a prospective patient you may request a complimentary consultation with the doctor or staff to evaluate if you or your loved one is a candidate for care in our clinic.  This consult may be completed over the phone, a video call, or in person in our office.  It will last 30 minutes, and will include a review of history, symptoms, and any other pertinent information which would qualify or disqualify the prospective patient for care.  A visit will then be scheduled by the office manager.

Additional visits

Brain Spine & Sport

Post visit

Home Care

The goal for care at our clinic is that we can make improvements to the point where the patient can return to home, work, and normal life without needing to return for treatment.  Functional Neurology patients will be prescribed at home exercises, which will work to further improve function, and also to reinforce changes made during your stay.  Functional Medicine patients will be monitored at home, and further blood testing can be ordered to re-assess any lab values that were determined to be abnormal during the beginning of care.  Additional recommendations will then be administered.

Intake Forms
If the patient is mutually agreed upon to enter care, standard paperwork will be completed and emailed or faxed back to the office before the first visit occurs.  It is important to be detailed, as the more information given, the higher the knowledge the attending physician will have before the exam.  This will streamline the intake process, allow time for records to be obtained and reviewed.