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​Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology, or Chiropractic Neurology, is a non invasive approach to identifying and treating dysfunction in the nervous system.  As Brain Based Chiropractic focuses on addressing which side of the brain to stimulate, functional neurology takes a magnified view at the system with a detailed neurological exam, and specific treatment to address any areas in the brain that are not functioning properly.  When we say dysfunction, this could mean that particular part of the nervous system is firing too much, too little, or just not integrating and working with other areas properly.  

Functional Medicine

The metabolic system is intricately involved with the nervous system.  Neurons need glucose, oxygen, and stimulation to survive.  While Brain Based Chiropractic and Functional Neurology focus on stimulation, and sometimes oxygen, functional medicine focuses on glucose and oxygen, which are the energy supply for our cells of the nervous system. Functional Medicine involves taking a look at nutrition, medicine, and lifestyle and how it affects the metabolism inside the body's cells.  Traditional blood work looks at "normal" levels to diagnose conditions, but our unique approach looks at a functional or optimal level for blood markers, and correlating them together to get both a big picture and detailed view of the internal processes of the body.


Brain Based Chiropractic

​Chiropractic was originally intended to remove interference from the body's nervous system, but many do not take into consideration the effects of chiropractic and the brain.  The human brain, which is far more developed than other species, develops and grows from all sensory information around us.  A decrease in motion of ANY part of the body causes the brain to receive less information, therefore the brain itself altering it's output to the rest of the body.  This can cause an imbalance or asymmetry between both sides of the brain, who work together as well as separate from each other.  Brain Based Chiropractic focuses on inducing proper movement of the joints and muscles of the body, while also creating a balanced brain, resulting in optimal function.

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